Does SEO Take A Team To Get Real Results?

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Most of the time when we discuss SEO with new clients, we often discover there is either an in-house employee, typically from the marketing department, trying to fit optimizing the website onto their already overloaded plate. Otherwise, most businesses just don’t have anyone devoted to developing their SEO.

In the past, simple on page optimization and over stuffing of keywords, even when done poorly, could net some okay results. But the SEO landscape has developed and evolved to the point where one person can simply not handle everything required to be successful. SEO today demands a dedicated team of specialists.

For any business considering SEO, it’s important to consider what your team will be most effective at achieving based on their skill sets. It is crucial to your business to  decide whether it makes more sense to task existing employees, hire and train in-house or hire a professional SEO agency.


So, where do you start with your SEO team and who do you hire?

I list a few key roles needed to accomplish a successful ongoing SEO campaign below.


SEO Auditor 

The SEO Auditor or SEO Analyst needs an overall deep understanding of current SEO tactics that work well in today’s competitive SEO environment. This person sets the overall strategy and oversees execution for the entire team. This role will focus on several core SEO website tasks like crawlability, rankability, on-page optimization such as keyword research, title and description tags, keyword density, content marketing, off-site optimization like link acquisition, usability, and conversion optimization. The SEO Auditor will also focus on measurability to define key metrics and translate SEO results into business objectives and ROI.

If this one person is an absolute master, they may be all you need. But unless they can also do a few other important things really well like web development, copywriting, social media and conversion optimization, you will definitely need a few more qualified teammates to get the job done right.


Web Developer

Most small businesses tend to hire their web developer to do basic on-page SEO optimization, but frankly, there are few who really understand what works and how to implement it correctly. We use our experienced web developers to execute actual coding changes that improve SEO results like tracking data, code refinements to allow search engines to spider the site more easily, conversions optimizations, increasing site speed and overall usability improvements.



We can’t stress enough how important this role is to SEO today. The web is an information depository and a majority of users are seeking answers to questions or a product to solve a problem. If your website is filled with unique, informative, superb content geared toward your target customer, you will outpace your competitors, grow your reputation, retain existing customers and win new ones.

Not only do search engines love great content, but it’s the most important, reliable piece of the puzzle to get backlinks from other sites and have it shared on social media.


Social Media Marketer

Is there any doubt that social media sites are the most popular destinations on the web? Of course not! It’s rare to find a person over 13 who doesn’t, at least, have a Facebook or Twitter account. But why is social media important to SEO? It’s one of the best options for gaining more exposure to your website content.That, in turn, equals more site traffic and more backlinks, which of course helps to improve organic page rank and increased traffic. When you approach social media with SEO in mind, your branded content is shared, visited and linked back to your website. It’s clear social media is a big contributing factor to page rank.


Conversion Rate Optimization Specialist 

So, you rank #1 on Google, but are you converting this newly attained traffic once they land on your site or are they simply bouncing off your page seeking the solution from a competitor? You need to convert that traffic into a sale and the only way to maximize those results is to ensure your website is optimized for conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization is a multifaceted discipline and great CRO’s will typically have a broad knowledge of web analytics, A/B testing, split testing, multivariate testing, conversion-oriented web design, usability testing, user experience, copywriting, persuasive psychology, landing page optimization and E-commerce email marketing and optimization.

Sometimes, you can get a few of these important tasks accomplished by combining an expert copywriter who really knows how to write superior sales copy, with strong calls to action, and an equally strong SEO Analyst who can help with creating intuitive easy-to-use page layouts, A/B testing results and analytics.  But make no mistake, a person dedicated to this job in its entirety can pay for itself many times over. Especially when we’re talking about consistently raising your overall website conversions rates and sales.



If you’ve read this far you will probably agree that you need an SEO Team to handle this workload to be successful. So, are you going to hire a consultant to advise about SEO and train in-house or will you hand this over to an agency and free your team up to focus on what they do best?

Whether you need a consultant to advise and help train your in-house team or if you’re thinking of hiring an agency like ours, we suggest you take advantage of a free consultation with our expert team. We will discuss your current needs and create a strategy to grow your online business using search engine optimization.


Your Turn To Sound Off

What does your SEO team consist of?

Tell me in the comments section below.

Dale is an accomplished marketer with over 20 years of real-world business sales and marketing experience specializing in e-commerce, email marketing, brand authority, SEO, PPC, SMO and web development. Having served as the Sales & Marketing Director for a multi-million dollar eCommerce company for over a decade, his experience in the trenches provides the foundation most digital marketers just don't have the experience to offer.

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