Does Your Facebook Ad Campaign Deliver $0.10 Website Clicks?

Effective Facebook advertising requires a well thought out strategy, as well as a clear understanding of all the available options. Facebook Ads have changed a lot since inception. Now the platform offers some great tools like Custom Audiences or Behavior Targeting that make running super targeted campaigns much easier and more effective.

We have been creating successful Facebook Ad strategies for almost five years now. Our strategies deliver positive results, increased traffic and profit to our clients time and time again.

Today, I want to feature a recent Facebook ad campaign and share some of the metrics we generated for this client in just a few days. Our goal was to drive website traffic and new email opt-in conversions. Using our laser focused Facebook targeting strategy, a great offer with an optimized landing page specific to this ad, we were able to hit it out of the traffic numbers park.

Facebook PPC successful Campaign

In just one week, we pushed 1880 clicks and spent $183.43 at the staggering low CPC of $0.10 per website visit. More importantly, we were able to capture 489 new email subscribers at the low price of $0.37 per conversion. This is cheap by anyone’s standards, but when you consider the lifetime value of this client’s average customer is over $1800, they could have justified spending 10x this CPC.

But, of course, we didn’t waste those website clicks that didn’t immediately convert. Every visitor was cookied for future retargeting ads, so we can continue to market to them and get them indoctrinated in the sales funnel.

Do you still think Facebook advertising isn’t an option for your business? We can make the most of your marketing budgets and drive results using our proven, tested techniques. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Dale is an accomplished marketer with over 20 years of real-world business sales and marketing experience specializing in e-commerce, email marketing, brand authority, SEO, PPC, SMO and web development. Having served as the Sales & Marketing Director for a multi-million dollar eCommerce company for over a decade, his experience in the trenches provides the foundation most digital marketers just don't have the experience to offer.

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