How Much Does Local SEO Cost?

How much does Local SEO cost?

I thought SEO traffic was free?

Well, there is no doubt that compared to paid search advertising like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads it is free because you are not getting charged every time someone clicks your website from a search result. But make no mistake it’s not free! It takes time, effort and money to get your site optimized and appear at the top where users will see you. The good thing is you’re building an asset for your business with Local SEO as opposed to saying goodbye to those paid search clicks once you stop paying for the service.

But my website is awesome!

If you build a stunning website, it doesn’t mean you’re going to rank high on the first page of Google, and it surely won’t produce any significant traffic results. If you want to rank high and get clicks, you need an authoritative domain with highly relevant content and trust signals that allow search engines to easily match your web page with users search queries. And most importantly you will need to outpace your competitors in the area to ensure you rank above them.

What are the SEO cost factors?

SEO is not a one size fits all solution because every business and every category are different with unique needs and solutions to outwork your competition.

One of the biggest factors determining how much local SEO will cost is your competition.

If you’re a national brand or in a larger competitive industry like a law firm, dental practice or eCommerce, then you will likely have to work harder than your competition and spend more to increase your domain authority and trust signals with unique content and link building than in a less competitive niche.

Because of the competition factor we also analyze your competitors when doing your site audit to see what kind of work it’s going to take to outrank them before giving a quote for our SEO services.

The number of services or products you offer

The size of your business and how many services or product offerings you want to promote play a significant part in the overall size of your SEO effort. If you want to target several keywords, it will require building content and separate pages on your website that will also need to be SEO optimized. If you’re a local pool service company with a few key services the cost and workload will be much less than a national e-commerce website with 5000 products.

How many business locations you have

Ranking more than one location in search requires additional work and money than ranking an individual location. Multiple locations require separate pages for each location on your website, unique content, different citations (Every mention of your business on the web is known as a citation.) and separate Google my business profiles for each location that are all well optimized for local search.

Where your business is now and what’s been done before with local SEO

If your business is just getting started, then you can’t expect to have earned a dominant place in local search results, unless your niche is not competitive or you’re the only game in town. Likewise, if you’ve been around for years and have done some SEO in the past, there’s a chance it was done incorrectly, and that will require a bunch more time to correct any existing mistakes, violations or inaccurate citations and business mentions across the web. This can be incredibly time-consuming to correct these type of issues.

You can see now there’s a lot more that goes into figuring out how much local SEO will cost your business. If you’ve looked at SEO services in the past then you know prices can vary wildly depending on what level of service your business needs. From cookie cutter automated SEO at a few hundred dollars a month that won’t get you the results you want or $3000+ for large national businesses. If you do it yourself its going to require a bunch of time and rarely will you get the results your seeking. We suggest hiring a professional regardless if you hire us or not to ensure your Local SEO success.

Do you need Local SEO help?

Our average local SEO client rate ranges from $750-2000 per month depending on the customer’s needs. We do a FREE custom quote for each client to ensure they are getting exactly what their business needs to achieve success. Contact Us Today!

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