Prepare for Social Commerce In 2016

There is no doubt social sites dominate users time while online and in their quest for internet dominance, many of them have taken recent efforts to grab some of the e-commerce pie from giants like Google, Amazon and eBay.

Facebook has already made a huge dent in Googles paid search market share and recently added a buy button to Shopify that allows users to buy without ever leaving Facebook. Facebook absolutely dominates social traffic and sales.

Almost two-thirds of all social media traffic to Shopify stores are from Facebook. In addition, an average of 85% of all e-commerce orders from social media come from Facebook and it also has the highest conversion rates at 1.85%.  Source Shopify


Social ecommerce sales infographic

Twitter also added paid ads to its platform over the last few years in an effort to monetize its user base and is also launching its own on-site shopping version in the coming months.

Beyond these two giants, sites like Pinterest and Instagram are both great places to present your products in unique and interesting ways that drive sales.

What does this mean to your business? Well if you want to enhance both the customers online shopping experience and extend your bottom line you definitely need to be selling via social media and Facebook is the best place to start.

To leverage the new shopping features on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, it’s important to continue to grow your user base by sharing great shareable content and to have a unique voice on social media that truly represents your business and the products you offer.

When you’re ready to take advantage of the super effective paid ads platform on Facebook you will want to create well-optimized ads, focused on the exact demographic that has an interest in that product along with attractive images of your product and enticing copy with a strong call to action.

There are many other ways to ensure success using Facebook ads that we will write about in future posts, but with Facebook’s constantly improving search algorithm, super easy shopping features, and essential social capital, your business can unquestionably find more sales using social commerce.

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