Referral Program

Earn $250 Plus 5% commission for up to 6 months for a referral who hires our services and pays their bill each month.

Becoming a Referral Partner is easy! Just tell your friends and business contacts about Converge Digital and earn $250 Plus 5% commission up to 6 months in two easy steps:

  1. Fill out the Referral Form and tell us about the business you’re referring.
  2. Reach out to your referral and tell them that Converge Digital will be calling them to discuss how we can help their business. As a bonus we will also give your referral 10% off their first months bill.

Once your referral books their service and pays their first invoice.

  • You will receive a $250 VISA gift card.
  • You will also get an additional 5% commission each month your referral pays their bill for up to 6 months.

Our mutual success requires that you speak with your referral and let them know who we are, how we have helped your business and that you are referring them, so they are expecting our phone call.

*Your referral must hire us for a $1000 minimum service from Converge Digital in order to qualify and receive your $250 Visa gift card. We will pay 5% commission for ALL referrals regardless of service price for up to six months.

We will notify you once your referral hires our services and promptly issue your gift card. Each month they pay their bill we will send you a check for 5% of the total billed services for up to 6 months.

Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like to become an approved Referral Program partner.

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